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Research Pack

Products and Accessories implementations Forestry, Horticulture and Viticulture.

With headquartes located in Grijó, municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, and the office/warehouse located in Ovar, Portugal, Research Pack was born at the junction of deep knowledge of each one of its founders in their professional field.

For Agriculture and Forestry suppliers we have the Tree Shelter or Growth Tube to use in vineyards, fruit tree and forestry tree.

On the Tree Shelter (Growth Tube) we can offer two models, the Vigilis Tree Shelter Vine and the Vigilis Tree Shelter Forestry.

It was this "pack" of world knowledge Forestry, Gardening and Wine that was born this project.

Our goal is to assist our partner of each area to capitalize on its production of a perfect and natural way.

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"Nature is the only book that offers valuable content on all their leaves"

Author: Goethe, Johann

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